OpeMed OT200 ceiling track hoist with new Spreader BarCeiling Hoists (also known as overhead hoists or ceiling track hoists) save time, provide dignity, reduce risk of injury, provide better positioning, free up space and reduce the number of carers involved.

OT200 Ceiling Hoist - Unique Features

The award winning OT200 Ceiling Hoist is a cost effective, flexible solution that can be installed in virtually any setting.


  • Smallest professional use hoist on the market
  • Able to lift/ lower even when the tape is at an angle
  • Unique Gravity powered charging
  • No tools emergency lowering
  • Available with range of loop and clip compatible spreader bars
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No lights at night
  • Inbuilt Diagnostics
  • Enhanced longevity of lifting tape

Opemed OT200 ceiling track hoist showing a view of the internal workings.Automatic Recharging - Hybrid Solution

The dynamo gravity powered charging feature provides substantially more charge than a normal charging unit. This allows the OT200 to support well over 150 lifts before needing to be returned to charge, providing carers and users with reliable and dependable equipment, as well as reducing your servicing costs and your environmental footprint.

Inbuilt Diagnostics

The inbuilt diagnostics read how often it has been used, adjust the speed up and down as well as along the track and has fault finding if there is ever a problem.

Emergency Lowering

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist has a unique emergency lowering system, that unlike its competitors does not require tools or add-ons, it simply bypasses the electronics and performs a safe and quick emergency lowering at the press of a button

Full Range of Track and Layouts

The OT200 has a wide range of track and accessories to allow the ceiling hoist to be installed in virtually any setting. Some options include full room covering systems H (X-Y) System that works in conjunction with our magnetic gate system to allow room-to-room travel, track curves for small bathrooms and flexible turntables allowing our specifiers to give you a real benefit to the carer and user. Click here to learn more about track solutions.

Free No Obligation Consultation

The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist is available with a number of options and has a wide range of track and accessories to allow installation in the majority of settings. We offer a full design consultancy, technical assistance and installation service to all our customers.

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