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We need your help!

New accommodation with a ceiling hoist just isn't happening. A few of our website users and Twitter followers are actively campaigning for more hotels to install hoists but with little success. This just isn't good enough. We want to create a campaign similar to the Changing Places one. They are just about to celebrate their 1000th Changing Places Loo which is a fantastic achievement. They have achieved this by contacting MPs, Councils, retailers, sports facilities and similar venues with great success. 

There is a new campaign website which CHuC fully supports where you can download template letters and lots of other information to send to your local MP, and hotels and other accommodation in order to persuade them that there is a need for ceiling hoists to be installed. We want you to bombard your MPs and the hotels where you want to stay with these letters to show there is a demand for these facilities. Please have a look at the website and get involved!

6 July 2017