Lisclare hoistLisclare has been providing moving and handling solutions throughout the UK and Ireland for over 10 years.

Room-to-room transfers, such as from bedroom to bathroom, are easily achieved using the Roomer™ 5200 Cassette Unit.
The user is transferred in a controlled, comfortable & safe manner through a standard door opening without the need for mechanical gate systems or modifications to the room structure.
The Roomer cassette is suspended from one of two belts, only one of which is ever lifting / lowering. To traverse between rooms:
1) Bring the cassette to the centre of the doorway.
2) Connect the “free” tape to the track you wish to traverse to.
3) Rotate the drive switch through 180 degrees
4) Press & hold the “up” button (The manoeuvre can be paused at any time)
5) Listen for the original tape clicking free
6) Remove the original lift tape from the original track - The transfer is complete - The total time is around 3-5 seconds!

Roomer 5200 casette unitThere is no requirement for an inter-linking section of rail between adjacent rooms when our Roomer cassette is utilised. The person being lifted is transferred horizontally between the two rooms, safely, smoothly and efficiently. This has several advantages in that the door headers can be installed as per any “standard” installation and the need for specialist “full height” doors is negated with additional cost and time savings. Additionally, because we do not use an interlinking track section between rooms, the fire/smoke integrity of the rooms is not compromised unlike most other overhead systems currently available- the advantages are therefore obvious.

Simple and cost effective installation
No structural modification to the door or doorway is required
Variations in ceiling height is not an obstacle
One cassette unit serves multiple rooms
No need for turntables
Smoke boundary integrity is NOT compromised

Our unique spreader bar also has 3 settings; small, standard & bariatric, which enables clients of different sizes to be lifted using the same cassette.

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